Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday , July 9,2008

The past few days have been very busy and hot. Most of the kids and Clark have been at rehearsal during most of the day and then we have had practices into the night. Our family was also responsible for the Munch and Mingle (Chomp & Chat) on Monday. We did it with two other families. We took BBQ beef in rolls. One of the families we were with brought cookies. Any guesses how many dozen? Look at the bottom of the blog for the answer. I'll give you a clue. She made 4 dozen extra. Tuesday we had flags. The flags run all around the bowl. We had to put them up and take them down. Not to hard, but we were told we would not have to put them up since the night before it had rained. Wrong, we had to scramble and get them done. This is tent city. We are supposed to spend our non-rehearsal time in the tents with our fellow cast members. It's great for the kids, not so much for the adults.

This is Clark and Jacob on the stage right after we march on. Jacob is a Lamanite warrior.

This was definitely picture day. Even Wesley was all smiles. We all kind of collected except for Jacob who stayed with his team cast. It was really hard to find people because they all looked a like and no one looked familiar.

This is Mormon. He has quite the outfit. We walk in with him for the processional (the opening scene of the pageant in which all the cast members line up within the aisles of the audience and march up onto the stage).

Robin is on the left. She is dressed as Nephi's oldest daughter. She has another costume to change into when the boat scene is over.

This is some of Ethan's little group of friends (& little brother) Ethan is second from the right.

The kids are hanging out with some of their team cast members or fellow scene cast members.

Clark's costume (1 of 2) has 3 layers to it. they are all big and heavy. Mine is bulky and I am pretty sure that the shirt is worn backwards since it chokes me. Wesley wins for the hair though, hands down!

More dress rehearsal pictures. I thought mine was bad until I saw some of the others. The cute ones are few and far between. Tomorrow night is the real dress rehearsal. Apparently, there will be quite a few people who will come and watch.

Missionary or spoils of war slave, which one do you think is cuter?

This is our neighbor Katie Rodgerson. She is a site missionary out here and training us (the cast) how to engage the audience and hopefully get referrals. They have done 3 workshops and they have all been wonderful. Our family has been assigned to be Lehi greeters. This means we meet the pageant people at the edge of the parking lot area and help them get to the bowl to watch the pageant. This does not make a lot of sense to me. It means a LOT of walking with Cameron, and oh yea, its a parking lot. Wesley will not be with us. He is an Alma greeter which means he is in the bowl (seating area) working the crowd so to speak.

This is Clark in his vision apostle scene (brown shorts, white t-shirt). I tried to get one of him in the destruction scene which, by the way, is very cool, But he is only standing for about 20 seconds before he becomes a victim. Clark Gets soaked in this scene (yes, more pond water). They have this very cool spray of water to make the scene look more dream like.

Ethan and Jacob are having fun running around with the kids their ages and doing battle scenes. Jacob has to carry this really heavy club while Ethan has a large sword. Jacob has gray shorts and white shirt on in these pictures. I think he is dying in one of them. Ethan is leaning against a back wall in his dead position. Ethan is also in the Noah scene carrying a very heavy metal banner thing. I'll see if I can get a picture of him carrying it.

These are more pictures of Wesley and Robin doing the wilderness/ boat scene. They are both about ready to be done with rehearsals. Robin made it to 1 hour of her team cast yesterday. Today was much better. She only had 2 rehearsals that were 1 hour each. Wesley still has more practices because he is in the wedding scene in the wilderness. Yesterday we did our first run through and the they used water (from the pond) to make it look like the boat was really in a storm. Robin was so not happy about having to take a shower at midnight last night.

The weather has been so Hot and Humid. Yesterday when I ran the humidity was so bad I could see it. I run on theses country roads that role along with lush green trees and oh yeah, DOGS! Guess what? no one has fences out here and everyone has a dog. I have been chased by 3 dogs and only run 3 times. Robin said it felt like D.C. which is probably true. It was in the mid 90's with humidity. Today was a little cooler and we were able to be on the stage and not feel like we were melting. We have only had rain once, Monday. It rained hard.

These are pictures of the Descension scene. I am in the blue shirt and Cameron is on a step in a white shirt. I will see if I can get one of him and Carl ( guy who plays the part of Christ) at the next practice. Cameron and a lot of other kids run across the stage and then wait for Christ to come down the stairs before they go up to him. He touches Cameron's head. Cameron thinks that is pretty special.

For those of you wondering about the food, Lets just say nobody is loosing weight while we are here. I have to run to burn off what I ate the day before. Even the missionaries give away treats in their devotionals.

30 Dozen- They are some of the ones that brought their refridgerator with them, from out of state.
Remember, The Church is true!


Knighton said...

Hey guys! Looks like you are having a great time! We are impressed. "The Church IS True." If you just keep saying it through any rough times you'll see it through. Wesley your hair is...awesome? Laurie, who's or Katie? Y-y-you of course! Glad your food is good. The pictures are fun to look at. Good job Laurie, you made it and you did a great job getting everyone there. I know it's more than worth it. Keep up the good work and good luck with your dress rehearsal and performances the next little while. You are an amazing family. Have fun.
Your friends
The Knightons

Deborah said...

I love the pictures and the stories you are sharing. It does look hot wearing all those layers. We can't wait to find you when we go.
I saw Kyle J. in the photo behind Clark and Jacob. It answered a few questions for us here. Have fun. It is supposed to be 92 on Saturday.

The Bucks said...

I love the hair Wes!! Although Laurie your hair is pretty awesome as well. The pictures are great!! I can't wait to come and see the show!!

eganautomotivefamily said...

Emma says "Nice Hair Wes and apologize to Nephi for tying him up"
Grace says " I like your crazy hair Wes. You better say sorry to Nephi. Cameron your lucky you get to meet Carl the Christ."
Olivia says "Its fun to see all of your pictures. We wish our family could do that. Bring us home some cookies."
Donna says, "It's a miracle! You pulled off an amazing family experience that will have lasting memories. Way to Go!" I'm gearing up for the post pagent diet plan.