Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday, July 17,2008

Things have slowed down a lot. We had a run through tuesday morning with full water. Wes and Robin got soaked. The wind was blowing the water back on the stage that morning. They didn't really care since it was hot. Other than that we have spent our days doing service projects, security, sight tours and activities with our cast teams. The boys pulled weeds at a park, and clark and I did mulch around trees along the Erie canal. Robin and Wes went swimming, Ethan went bowling (everyone was bad according to Ethan) and Jacob went to the Chill and Grill. Our Evenings are Dinner, Devotionals, performances, greetings and munch and mingles.

This is us waiting in the food line. It tends to be long and slow. We always try to be up front, but the line is often more wide then it is long.
This was Turkey dinner night. Most everyone was happy. Wish we could say the same thing about lunch. We are all very tired of sandwiches.

Monday night was the variety show. Robin and Cameron did acts with there cast teams. Cameron did Kungfu fighting with the primary kids. It was very fun to watch.
Robin did tinikling. Her leaders are from the Philipines and taught the girls.
Our fellow cast members, the Hobbs, from New Zealand did Poi Balls. Cameron was so taken with it she gave him a set. And I thought I had packing issues.

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