Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July. We survived our first day of pageant. I wish I had my camera with me today there were some choice moments for pictures. I'll remember to take it tomorrow. Here is a run down of the Highlights.

Robin and I were discussing dinner(one of her favorite topics) and I said I hoped we were going to have a good dinner and she said like macaroni and cheese. To this I said no. Well, guess what we had for dinner. Hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Our hot dogs were so burned most of us did not eat them. We are trying to decide if it is better to be in the front of the food line (like today) or the back. I am sure by the time the last people ate the hot dog cookers (pageant cast members) had gotten a system down and they were not burning them to a crisp.

Another highlight was the casting. First they took the children Robins age, 9-13, and cast them. Robin is Nephi's oldest child. She is in the scene titled Lehi in the wilderness. I was the next to be cast and I decided I really was not wanting to be a dancing girl so I waited with all the other oldish ladies to be cast. They pick out 5-6 women at a time and try them in different roles. I never was selected out mostly because I am to short. All the women they took were tall. I did get assigned to be a slave woman in the Abinadi scene. I get to wear basically a brown sack with a belt and really bad hair. Luck me. The boys and Clark went next. Ethan and Jacob tried out for the "Movement roles" Basically that means a dancing warrior. They are fighting warriors, but not dancing warriors. They are in a couple of scenes. They change from Nephites to Lamanites in the middle of the show. Wesley did not want to dance. He waited with the other young men/men to be cast. Little did he know that he was even more likely to be singled out than the dancing warrior. He was pulled out for several different roles, one of them being Christ. He was very relieved to not get that one. He did end up being Ishmael's second oldest son. He will be in the same scene as Robin. Clark is three different characters. He is an vision apostle in Lehi's dream, he is a Nephite that is unbelieving in the Samuel on the wall scene. He is also victim in the destruction scene.
Okay, I have to go to bed it is late and tomorrow is going to be a long day.


Jen said...

I just can't stop laughing at your take on your big part as a slave in the Abinadi scene! I didn't even know there were slaves there, but that's what I know, huh? I'm sure that brown sack will highlight all that weight you worked so hard to lose! =] Have fun! (when and where are you able to keep up on blog posting? I'm so impressed!)

Christensen's said...

Clark connects the laptop to his blackberry and that is our internet connection. I will really appreciate the dsl when I get back. The time....hmm it is 12:46 am right now so I better go to bed. Start planing, you'll be here soon! It is worth it.