Friday, July 18, 2008

Family and Friends at the Hill Cumorah Pageant

Today we broke with our vacation isolation, and had many visitors from back home and from the extended family. Here are some of the pics we took. First, some family pictures:

Apparently the chicken was REALLY good!

Now some folks from the ward back home:

Some pictures of the cast in the boat (Nephi) scene:

Gotta throw this one in of Mormon. His costume was just that good.


Heather said...

The girl,Zoe Morganin the purple head dress,standing next to Wes is in our ward.Her blog link is on mine so i bet you will see many more shots of Wes ,( morgansbydesign) She is home schooled too!!
Small world

hmmm where did my post go

The Bucks said...

That chicken was good but nothing compared to the potatoes!!! Now that is some fine eatin'