Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

With the pageant over and the final Sacrament meeting through we headed back to Zions Camp. It was sad to see people leaving, most of them having a several hour car ride a head of them. We mostly visited with people and helped them since we are not leaving until Monday. It was a nice way to do things. I could work on a suitcase for a while and then visit since we were not rushed. The kids played games and ran around with the other kids who had not left yet. Clark decided he would shave off his beard. Jacob and Clark decided to document the beard removal. Clark is just glad it is gone.

Today at the Sacrament Meeting President Schwendiman talked about the rains and the Lord blessing the hill and restoring it. I am not sure the campers felt the same way. Many of them packed up and left in the pouring rain.

Clark helps the Isrealson's put pallets (they go under the tents to prevent flooding) back into the trailer. He is in the white t-shirt.

The youth hang out in the shelter until the rain stops.

Wesley and Jacob playing games with the other kids from Zions camp.

We made a quick trip to the top of the hill between rain storms. Cameron shows where the chairs use to be and the walking paths between them.

The FINAL munch and mingle. Okay it really wasn't a munch and mingle, but a pot luck dinner with the campers left in Zions camp Sunday night. It was very tasty and the line was nothing compared to the late night eating frenzy. Yes, we had scones again, and 3 kinds of homemade ice cream.


The Bucks said...

We just took a vote and think Clark looked good with the goatee. We also liked the mustache although I think he looks like Ken.

Heather said...

I agree with the goatee. He looks ten years younger too after he shaved.
I love this blog! now youa re in teh habit of blogging- keep the other one up PLEASE
oh BTW August 15 is the sign up for pageant 2009
12:01 EST baby!