Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday, July 6,2008

Happy Sunday to all,

We have had a down day here at the hill. At least that is how they are describing it. We didn't have any physical rehearsals. We did meet in the study shelter which houses about 600-700 people for sacrament meeting. Elder Cook (Gene R. Cook) was our main speaker. He was great. He told us of his own pageant experiences were he was cast into the "crowd scenes" He then told of the scripture stories that had crowd scenes in them and how important every member in the crowd was, for example the woman who touches Jesus' hem.

The afternoon consisted of spiritual rehearsals (going over the scripture stories we act out). Cameron got to meet Carl. He plays Christ. The primary children could either give him a high five or a hug. Cameron chose the high Five. He said he would give him a hug when he was dressed up like Jesus.

Our evening fireside was Brother Pinnegar and his wife. He was also wonderful. The whole fireside was missionary work and what one person can accomplish at the pageant and elsewhere. Ethan took notes so I know he was paying attention.

We got to see our Neighbor Katie Rodgerson. She is serving a mission here at the church sites. It is so fun to see a familiar face. We have a couple of families from Utah in the pageant. One is even from Kaysville. I haven't seen them, but as we were sitting in the opening devotional Jacob pointed out a kid and said, "I think that kid goes to my school."

I didn't take any pictures today, but a have some from yesterday.

This is Clark's scene with Samuel the Lamanite. He is a wicked torch bearer here.

The food is getting a little better(they could only go up from the hot dog.) Ethan would not eat the chicken tonight for dinner because he was sure it would kill him. I told him it was blessed and he would be fine. This was last nights Beef stew. There was a biscuit with it, but it was snagged off my plate.
This is us eating in the "Study Shelter". All of our devotionals happen here along with eating.

This is Robin and Lehi
Robin figured out she practiced 5 1/2 hours yesterday. Wesley was on stage more than that. For those coming out Robin has a speaking line that goes something like, "Let my father go."

Wesley is the Character that carries this little tent thing on a pole like in a wedding processional . I am sure there is a real name for it, but I don't know what it is. He is also one of four that tie Nephi up on the boat. I asked him if he follows Laman and Lemuel or Nephi after they get off the boat. He told me he follows Nephi. They don't show that part in the pageant, I just wanted to see if he was a good guy or bad guy. He is married to this really skinny 14 year old. I will see if I can get a picture of them together on stage. He is most excited to see how they are going to make the rain/storm for the boat scene. Apparently, he and Robin are going to be soaked.

Ethan and Jacob practicing their fight scenes. They both lose and die. I think Jacob is a Lamanite and Ethan is a Nephite. Jacob is fighting his new friend who came from New Zealand to be in the pageant.

Cameron likes primary. For those who think their callings are hard--He is in primary from 9-12, 1-5, 7-9,10 each day. Yes, those primary helpers are amazing.

I ran out to the Temple and Smith farm home yesterday morning. It was a great run on rolling hills. It is about 3 miles from the hill. The weather is suppose to get hot and humid next week, bummer.


Deborah said...

I love seeing all the pictures and the behind the scenes details. Stay cool.

eganautomotivefamily said...

Looks like fun! Hey Laurie you are looking skinny in all of your pictures. I'm glad you guys are tech savvy enough to post all of your adventures for us so we can enjoy them in our air conditioned homes. I can't believe the primary children are sleeping. Those really are amazing primary workers. Do they have any tips for the rest of us? Good Luck with the production.

Diana said...

It looks like so much fun. I am getting excited to see the performance. Tell everyone hi and let Robin know Ken is so glad he is her favorite cousin or at least one of them.

The Foster Family said...

I'm feeling so nostalgic and envious! I just want to be in SAcrament meeting or devotionals, what an amazing experience! I'm glad to see the kids smiling in some of the pictures. Hand someone a camera so they can get a picture of you being a slave woman!

Hannah left for Oregon for 10 days today. I'm feeling so sad... she will be missed!

Jen said...

The Foster family comment was me!!!! My friend came over and I was helping her with her blog and apparently it was still logged in on her account! So don't freak out wondering who is stalking your blog!; )

I HATE it when that happens!

eganautomotivefamily said...

You must be busy. No current pictures of food or fight scenes. How is the midnight munch going? Have you tried the pie? Is your family going to be translated when your done or do you have to fly home? How is Cameron holding up with all the primary time? We hope your having a swell time and look forward to another update.