Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Day for Reminiscing

Today (Wednesday July 2nd) was a decompression day. We did some laundry at the Pulley's and did some driving around town to remember our old homes at Whipple Park and 156 Edgemont. We also spent some time at the Strong Children's Museum. Once upon a time we had a family pass to the museum, and Wesley and Ethan spent many hours there learning, climbing and exploring. This time, Wes and Ethan were a little more reserved and spent most of their time talking about the good times and fun exhibits they remembered (many of them are still present and fun for the little ones). Cameron, and to some degree Robin, were the direct recipients of the museum fun today. See pictures below:

I know I've done this a million times, but I wonder if my voice will really go down the pipe this time?

What? Were they thinking only people three feet tall would want to play in the Post Office?

Bar code scanners can be so frustrating...

<Insert your caption here>

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Jen said...

We loved little Wegmans! It looks like they've put some really fun things in! Wish we had one here to hang out in during the 113 degree days!