Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's Saturday and I can't believe that the time has come to end the Pageant. It has been a great experience. One that we could have never imagined. Everyone is excited to be heading home in a few days, but sad about the pageant experience ending.
Robin woke up sick (the yucky kind) this morning. I guess we should count our blessing that it waited this long. We are hoping for a "Pageant Miracle" and that she will be able to go on stage tonight. I am hoping no one else gets it.

Ethan is very proud of his watch tan line. He had a friend help him out one night with the time.

We spend a fair amount of time in the study shelter. We have about 31 devotionals throughout the Pageant. These are a few shots at various times.

Cameron finds many things to keep himself amused. He is playing with Nerds candy here.

Yes, Clark is probably asleep.

Our fellow campers, the Ebelings.

Jacob showing his true feelings.

With the extra time we have in the morning Cameron and the other boys his age have made up a game called "Shark attack". They run across the tables they have connected with long planks of wood. This all happens in the pavilion where we hold munch and mingle.

Everyone has a second costume they change into except Cameron and me. This is Clark, Jacob and Ethan. Robin and Wes were MIA. As you can guess from the costumes, the boys are wild Lamanites in the final battle. I believe Ethan said Mormon kills him.

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Jen said...

Ooooh, getting killed by Mormon is a prestigious thing!