Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's Sunday. It has been a rainy cool day. Very much need after yesterday. We were in the 90's with a thunderstorm in the afternoon that made things worse not better. Clark was dying in all his layers last night. I thought I would be cold in my costume, but not so far. Cameron and I have found the perfect spot to watch the pageant at night when we are not on stage. It is nice to spend time with him with the spirit so strong and him asking important questions regarding whats happening on stage.

The past few days have been a lot less busy. We pushed really hard through friday with practices and had a great opening night. The crowd was about 6200 and they had about 500 referals. Our family was not on "Lehi Greeting" on Friday. We do it every other day. We went out Thursday the dress rehersal night. Our family hangs out by the information booths. If we wanted to we could go farther out to the parking lot, but there are lots of cast members already out there. By the time they reach us they people have been greeted a half a dozen times ( or so I thougth). On Thursday I had to take Robin and Cameron back to the study shelter and leave Clark with Jacob and Ethan. We had to much murmuring ( my legs hurt, I'm hungry, do we have to do this, she's looking at me, he tried to hit me) and obviously we were not inviting the spirit. Friday night we were able to greet in the bowl. We saw a few old friends from our NY days. Clark spent the night getting his picture taken. Everyone thinks he is Jesus. It's funny because the people want to get his picture and they will stand by him then the restof our family will fill in. With digital cameras today I can tell that our family is being cropped out of the picture. I don't know if the kids have figured this out. Not everyone does it, but they clearly are not expecting a family shot when they stop us.

Saturday night we were back on Lehi greeting. We sent Jacob and Ethan to greet a head of us (closer to the parking lot) for a while and then they went into the bowl to greet. They gave out a few comment/referal cards. Clark and I stayed with Robin and Cameron by the information tents greeting the people coming in. They were better behaved. We were almost done when we approached a couple who had just come in. She was from Rochester and had seen the pageant once before, but not the whole thing because the bugs were so bad she left. The guy was from boston and had never seen the pageant. They had a book of Mormon already because at some point some sister missionaries had approached them in a park and given them one, but there had not been any follow up. They were very interested in signing up to get the DVD's the church has for investigators. So, what did I learn from this, the Lord is preparing the people to recieve the gospel. Also, People are making it through 100 cast members and not being approached. I hope it made an impact on Robin and Cameron and they can see the importance of what we are doing. Wesley has been getting a half a dozen referals a night with his companion.

Here are some more photos of our favorite Sister missionary doing what she does best, Missionary work.

So, let me tell you about munch and mingle. I think munch and mingle has two lives. The before pageant starts and the after. Before-- most people showed up to them we mingled and ate and then wearily made our way to our campsites. After-- most people still show up to them we mingle. This can and does include several brass instruments, electric and acoustic guitars and people singing. We eat ( alot). They go on for a long time and then sometime around 1 am people wonder off to their campsites. I tried to take some pictures the other night, but I remembered kind of late into it.

This is Ethan and friends munching. This night there was watermelon, carmel corn, and little deli sandwiches and wraps. We have had everything from Ben and Jerry's ice cream ( cast member works there), to meatballs, brownies, cookies. Anything is game.

Robins is in the green hat with Cameron next to her. Behind Cameron is the band setting up.
I took these pictures a few days ago. They are of the descension scene. Cameron runs across the stage and sits on some stairs until Carl (plays Christ) is on the third to bottom step, then he and the other kids get up and go over to where Carl touches their heads.

Cameron is in the gray shorts. Carl knows all of the primary childrens names. He's single and 23 if you know anyone. Of course there are over a 100 young single adult girls here.


Deborah said...

you've got the best behind-the-scenes commentary going on.
I found a sack with a Niagara falls t'shirt and a hacky sack type ball in it. I'm pretty sure it is one of yours.

Wendy said...

WOW Christensens...what an amazing experience for you guys!!! We are so excited to be able to come back there and see the pageant (and everything else, of course). You all look awesome in your costumes! I'm glad we read this so we can (hopefully) pick you out on Thursday night!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!
Love, Corey, Wendy and Ian Orme

Jen said...

Gosh! I so wish we could be there. Heather posted on her blog about going and seeing you and the Jensens and Alyssa Chilson was even in one of her pictures. I can't wait to talk to you when you get back. Thanks for keeping up the blog posts, I love them!

eganautomotivefamily said...

I agree with the public that Clark makes a much better Jesus. I also like the earth toned costume over the resurrected look. It just seems more like what I relate Christ wearing when I think of Him, although I should probably readjust my thinking since he is actually resurrected. Your pictures have been really fun and Elder Ballard would be very proud of you sharing your gospel experience on the internet. I got your phone call today. Sorry I missed you. I hope you continue to have an awesome week.